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Coach Kids Up was created by two longtime friends and advocates for active living. In 2006, Deborah Newkirk founded the private coaching business COACH 'EM UP in Austin, Texas. COACH 'EM UP provides team consulting, training and coach education and builds upon Deborah's extensive background in youth coaching. After she received a master of science degree from Pittsburg State University, Deborah's experiences include working with legendary basketball coach Marian E. Washington at the University of Kansas and serving as an assistant coach at KU. She is the former head coach of the Episcopal School of Dallas and the head of the physical education department for Kirby Hall School in Austin. She has a guided more than a dozen student athletes to play at the collegiate level, and she offers basketball and volleyball clinics with Lynette Woodard, Olympic gold medalist and the first female Harlem Globetrotter.

Deborah Newkirk

His passions for sports and fitness and for business have shaped Juan Armando Martinez's life. Juan knows firsthand the benefits of excellent coaching for young athletes: Growing up in Caracas, Venezuela, he played soccer and baseball on the competitive level. He was recruited to play baseball at St. Edward's University in Austin, Texas where he received a degree in Business Administration.
Juan Armando is a seasoned executive and visionary marketing strategist known for his ability to build successful, and synergistic ventures. He enjoys working with early stage startups and serves as a marketing and technology advisor to Coach Kids Up and Tri-FAQ.

Juan Armando Martinez


Coach Kids Up culminates a longtime dream for Deborah, who has worked for years on ways to make coaching expertise easily accessible to more people. It combines her passions for sports coaching and physical education. When she shared her ideas with Juan — a friend and former neighbor — he immediately saw their potential and envisioned high-tech ways to deliver information to coaches exactly when and where they need it.



Seeing the urgent need for more coaches who can get — and keep — kids involved with sports, Deborah and Juan combined their different skills to create the Coach Kids Up web app.

Coach Kids Up is designed to serve volunteer and "backyard" coaches (such as parents) with training plans and videos customized to their young athletes' age and experience levels and designed to help players progress over the season.

After rave reviews from beta testers, the app is now available to coaches everywhere. You can start a free trial today. New sports and content will be added constantly, so check back for updates.

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