For Backyard Coaches

Not all coaching happens at practices and games, of course. Or even comes from an "official" coach.

Moms, dads and other relatives or friends are big influences on young athletes, too. In backyards and in neighborhood parks and playgrounds, they devote hours to building their kids' sports skills and confidence.

If you're a "backyard coach," you're dedicated to helping your child get the edge. But that's harder to do if you're unfamiliar with their sport. And in our busy lives, who has time to do all the Internet research it takes to get up to speed?

The Coach Kids Up app makes things easier for you with options designed specifically for backyard coaches. Each week, you'll get to supplement what your young athlete is learning at practices. There's no guesswork and no need to spend hours on Internet: Coach Kids Up's programs for backyard coaches are created by a veteran coach and customized for different ages and experience levels.

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