Volunteer Coaches

If we don't find a coach, the kids won't have a team …

Maybe that's how you found yourself coaching a sport you're unfamiliar with, or that you've played but don't know how to teach.

You couldn't say no to helping kids in your local rec program or at your school, but you have no idea where to start as a coach. There has to be a better solution than Googling "How to coach (blank)," right?

You're in the right place. The Coach Kids Up app is designed just for you. With Coach Kids Up, you don't need experience to succeed as a youth coach — you just need a computer, smart phone or tablet and some kids who are ready to play.

How Coach Kids Up Works

When you register for Coach Kids Up, you'll tell us the sport you're coaching, the age of your players and their experience level.

Then we'll send you a new training plan every week for the length of your season. Each week, you'll get everything you need for a one-hour practice, including videos demonstrating age- and experience-appropriate training drills that were created by a veteran coach. You can review each weekly training program ahead of time on your computer, or simply follow along on your phone or tablet during practice.

Either way, we take the time and guesswork out coaching. You can lead practice with confidence knowing that you're using the right tools to maximize your team's learning, fun and preparation for the next level of play.

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