Youth Organizations

By giving volunteers instant access to expert coaching guidance, Coach Kids Up removes one of your biggest barriers to recruiting coaches.

If you work with recreation sports programs, you're an All-Star in our eyes. You do amazing work bringing sports to kids who would otherwise be left on the sidelines.

And we know it's not easy. Especially when it comes to recruiting coaches. It's not a lack of interest — most centers tell us that parents would like to volunteer, but they're held back by a lack of sports knowledge or coaching experience.

The Coach Kids Up app removes your biggest barrier to recruiting volunteer coaches. And it takes no time out of your already busy schedule. Coach Kids Up sets your volunteer coaches up to succeed even if they've never played or coached their sport before. They'll get customized, easy-to-understand training videos based on their teams' age and experience delivered right to their phone or other device. Created by a veteran coach., the videos help players progress over a season.

The results for you? Easier recruiting of coaches, more consistent coaching across different teams and happier and more engaged coaches.

And that all helps you do something pretty important for kids: You'll give more young athletes the life-changing benefits that come from playing sports.

Bring Coach Kids Up to Your Youth Programs

Have you heard “I’ve never played this sport before” or “I don’t have time to prepare for practice”? Coaches Kids Up delivers weekly training plans to all your coaches and we eliminate all the guesswork and long hours of online research to get ready for practice. Sign up TODAY and receive your first week FREE of charge. No credit card required.

Sign up for a free trial and you'll see just how much Coach Kids Up can benefit your volunteer coaches. Contact us today to learn more about promoting or providing the Coach Kids Up app in your programs.

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